Noah's Incredible Cruise: Original & Expanded Cast Version


Noah’s Incredible Cruise is a delightful 35 minute children's musical that has been performed by just two actors playing “Mr. and Mrs.” Noah – or, with as many as 200 men, women, and children involved in the production. The show was written to be used as an evangelism tool. The concept was simple: let parents dress their children in animal costumes…teach the kids a few songs from the show…put them on stage…and watch every relative in the state come to see the performance!

At the heart of the show are the two actors who play Noah and his wife. (The name given to Mrs. Noah in our musical is Huldah.) Our EXPANDED CAST version of the show also incorporates spoken lines for Noah's sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) and their wives. As mentioned, the musical can be performed with just two actors. The EXPANDED CAST version of the show also calls for a group of "nasty neighbors" if you wish to use them and endless numbers of children who are escorted onto the ark (stage) about 10 minutes into the show by those playing the sons and daughters-in-law. There is plenty of room for improvisation in several spots during the musical which is always fun for the actors and audience alike.

There are 13 songs in the musical. Again, all the songs can be sung by Noah and Huldah, or, the sons and daughters-in law can sing along on many of them, as well as the animals (children).

Most of the music is very up tempo with the exception of “The Storm” and a ballad sung by Noah (and/or the entire cast) entitled “Floating out under the Sky.” The musical moves along at break-neck speed and has been enjoyed by thousands around the world.

Children of virtually any age can play the animals. The sons and daughters-in- law are best played by (at least) the older children. Noah and Huldah should be played by talented teens or adults.

One of the really wonderful things about this musical is that if Noah and Huldah get their songs and dialogue down well first, the other actors can be grafted in very quickly. If this suggestion is followed the whole show can be put together in just a few rehearsals. The musical is designed to be fun, inspirational, and evangelistic. Promises really do come true!


Everyone knows the story of Noah and the Ark. But, we doubt it has ever been told in such a fun and novel way. Noah’s wife, Huldah, begins the show by explaining who she is and how Noah works night and day building the ark God told him to build. She explains that God spoke to Noah about the pending flood and that he has taken the job very, very seriously.

Huldah serves as narrator and has a peppery personality. Though very supportive of Noah’s monumental task, she is quite “direct” in her interaction with him. She is a perfectly delightful sidekick to her loveable husband, Noah.

Once the sons and their wives are introduced, Noah proceeds with the task of building the ark, dealing with “nasty neighbors,” and ultimately bringing the animals aboard the ark. All the while Huldah respectfully keeps the audience laughing with her humorous accounts of Noah’s bungling of the various duties assigned to him by God.

Once the animals are aboard and the doors are shut everyone settles in for the long awaited “cruise.” Huldah notices that the animals are getting restless and hungry so she sets out to organize the first meal aboard the floating zoo. The song “Munchin’ and a Crunchin’” describes the menagerie of animals brought aboard and is hilarious. It leaves Huldah (and the audience) breathless. (Incidentally, the relentless words can be easily written on a scroll and do NOT have to be memorized!)

Once the animals have been fed and are settled, Noah and the cast sing a lovely song called “Floating out under the Sky” which provides a welcomed calm after the storm.

Eventually the ark comes to rest on top of the “Mountains of Arrarat” and once the waters subside Noah and his crew release the animals. A joyful song called “Promises Do Come True” is sung by all after the Lord tells Noah to set the animals free.

Wonderful, joyful songs are used throughout the musical to help tell the story. Each song is unique, clever, and powerful.

NOTE: When the musical is performed by just Noah and Huldah, (or with the addition of their sons and son’s wives) children in the audience can be invited ahead of time to bring along a stuffed animal to put on the ark. Telling children in advance to bring an animal adds a sense of excitement to the performance. All children enjoy seeing “their” stuffed toy on the stage throughout the performance. It gives them a sense of ownership and helps them understand the concepts of God’s deliverance and protection.



Audience Reaction

Noah’s Incredible Cruise has been produced professionally in nearly a dozen different countries, including the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, Belgium, and Spain. Children and adults alike in Hawaii, Fiji, and Puerto Rico have all delighted at taking the “incredible cruise” with Noah and Huldah.

From start to finish the musical captivates the imagination of the audience and leaves everyone with the calming sense that God is in complete control; He loves us; He chooses to protect us; He makes promises to us – and He NEVER breaks those promises.

As mentioned before, though it is possible to perform Noah’s Incredible Cruise with just Noah and Huldah, it is very simple to add as many other cast members as you wish. The larger the cast…the larger the audience. Relatives and friends alike will inevitably come to see a child they know “on stage.” We promise!!

Performance Length / Cast

When performed in its entirety, Noah’s Incredible Cruise is about 30 to 35 minutes long. Improvisation possibilities exist in several places which will naturally add to the overall length of the production if taken to extremes. There is a very slight variation to the length of the show also, depending on the number of “animals” that have to be brought onto the stage and organized.

Cast of Characters




* Animals (optional) any number of children

Expanded Cast of Characters



Shem (Noah's son)

Ham (Noah’s son)

Japheth (Noah’s son)


Anna (Shem’s wife)

Phebe (Ham’s wife)

Bernice (Japheth’s wife)

* Animals (optional) any number of children

**Nasty Neighbors (optional) Any number of others (any age) not otherwise in the cast


In one sequence that happens just as Noah is finishing construction of the ark, some “unruly” neighbors show up. The composer has written a fun “rap” that can be performed by a group of individuals of any age. If you have some children/teens/adults who are able only to give a small amount of time to rehearsal, but who would still like to be involved, you can let them learn the rap and perform it live in the show. It is also possible for them to “lip sync” the rap. This number is always a show stopper. Otherwise, the rap (with voices) is available on the sound track and can be played as those aboard the ark simply pretend they are being yelled at by the taunting neighbors who are “off stage.” It works well whichever way you choose.

Casting Options / Set and Prop Requirements

Many of these possibilities have been explained in the paragraphs above. Remember, this is THE most flexible show in the world when it comes to casting and cast size. Just be sure that the actors playing Noah and Huldah are good, strong singers. They really have to hold the show together.


As with all of our musicals, the sets can be very simple using only minimal scenery—leaving it up to the audience to “fill in the blanks.” Or, you can go all out and create sets that include both inside and outside the ark. The set can be as simple as a table set to one side of the stage that can be used for Huldah’s “living space” and a cot and chair on the opposite side for Noah’s sleeping and ark building areas. The inside and outside of the ark can be painted on a bed sheet and suspended from PVC pipe. Or, something more lasting can be constructed using thin plywood or cardboard. Sample pictures of sets used in the original production of this, and many other Gloria Emmerich musicals, can be found by going to the photo gallery on this website.

Perusal Script Excerpt

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