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For God So Loved...

For God So Loved...  [10PPG] - PRODUCTION PACKAGE                                         $149.00

Full Script and Sheet Music will be e-mailed to you in PDF format w/ permission to copy for your purposes. Performance Rights will be granted w/ permission to perform the musical up to three times in a 12 month period. Director's Production Notes specific to the musical you order are included. Also included is a guide by Dr. Jeffrey Emmerich entitled General Acting & Directing Terms/Helps/Hints/ & Tips.

For God So Loved...  [11PCD] - PERFORMANCE CD                                                     $35.00
A Fully Orchestrated Performance CD (one backup copy included) may be purchased for $35 once you have purchased the
production package. 

For God So Loved...  [12VCD] - VOCAL DEMO/CAST RECORDING                            $10.00

Vocal Demo (Cast Recording - Retail Version.) Groups performing For God So Loved... may purchase additional copies of this
CD for $7. (Your cast may want to practice with this CD on their own, or, as a fundraiser you may wish to sell the CD after
your performances.) You may purchase unlimited quantities of these CDs. Please remember that unauthorized duplication
of copyrighted material is prohibited by law.

For God So Loved...  [13DVD] - DVD                                                                              $15.00

Full Length DVD of For God So Loved...

Description from DVD cover:
Gloria Emmerich's unique and popular writing style has inspired thousands around the world.  Her unique ability to "get
inside" the characters in her musicals has forced many an audience to its feet as the final curtain falls.  She has written
a real masterpiece in this, her newest musical, For God So Loved....   Gloria is the writer of dozens of musicals, songs, and one-act dinner theatre pieces.

For God So Loved... is a full length musical which takes a fresh new look at Jesus, his relationship with dear friends, and
of course, his death and resurrection.  It also features the timeless and much-loved characters: John the Beloved, Peter,
Mary, Martha, James, and the woman at the well.

The role of Jesus is played by seasoned Christian actor Jeffrey Emmerich.  The other outstanding cast members in this production originated their roles in For God So Loved... at the Rocky Hock Playhouse in Washington, NC (where this DVD
was filmed) in the spring of 2009.

Hosanna, what a Savior!  The earth rejoiced when Jesus was born and wept at his death.  But, because of an empty
tomb, we're singing again today.  The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus will come alive to you in this new musical
passion by Gloria Emmerich.  Come and celebrate the eternal reign of the King of Kings.


For God So Loved...  [14APR] - ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE ROYALTIES             $35.00

The first three performances are included in your basic performance package. A royalty fee of $35 is required for each additional performance within the initial 12 month period.

For God So Loved...
  [15HSS] - HARD COPIES                                                             $75.00

After you purchase the production package, hard copies (Master Set) of the FULL SCRIPT and SHEET MUSIC can be mailed
to you if you prefer for an additional $75.

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