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Licensing and Purchase Information
Welcome to our store. Please contact us by email or phone if you have any questions at all.  To order our products please click on a link below and fill out the form on that page. 

King David


Simon Peter (Fisher of Men)


Paul, Fearless Lion of God


Jacob, Prince of God


Heaven Came Down


Born This Day


Out of the Darkness


For God So Loved...

Joy Unspeakable


Noah's Incredible Cruise (Orig.)
Noah's Incredible Cruise (Exp.)


The Presidents of Mount Rushmore


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     •    Performance Rights
     •    Full Script (Libretto) & Sheet Music
     •    Director’s Notes
     •    General Acting & Directing Terms/Helps/Hints/& Tips
           (All documents in PDF format)
Adult Choir Musicals
Children’s Musical

Patriotic Musical

Performance CD +  Backup Copy
$20 - $35
Original Cast Recording
Original Cast DVD (available only on selected musicals)
Printed Copy of Full Script & Sheet Music

The Production Package includes four things:
    1. The PERFORMANCE RIGHTS: This gives you permission to perform the musical up to three (3) times in a 12 month period. If you are performing the musical four (4) or more times in the same 12 month period we charge a royalty of $35 for each additional performance.

    2. A PDF file containing the FULL SCRIPT (Libretto) & SHEET MUSIC Unlike traditional publishing companies we are able to keep costs down by allowing you to print your own copies of music and scripts. Again, permission to copy the FULL SCRIPT & SHEET MUSIC is included in the PRODUCTION PACKAGE. If you would prefer to receive a Hard Copy of the SCRIPT & SHEET MUSIC a Master Set can be mailed to you for an additional charge of $75. Whether using the PDF files or the Hard Copy Master Set, you will be granted permission to make as many copies of the SCRIPT & SHEET MUSIC as needed for your cast, crew, and production staff.  Please note that all music is professionally type-set and all melodies and choral arrangements are exactly as they appear on the demo CD.  Some of the music comes in the form of lead sheets (words, melody, and chords).  Some, but not all, may also include piano accompaniments.  Full orchestrations are not available at this time but this does not usually present a problem as most groups prefer to use the orchestral sound tracks that are available on the Performance CD.

    3. Essential DIRECTORS NOTES. These complimentary production notes are included with the Full Script. Our DIRECTOR’S NOTES are specifically written for each show. They provide set, costume, prop, lighting, special effects suggestions, and dozens of production helps.

    4. GENERAL ACTING & DIRECTING TERMS/HELPS/HINTS/& TIPS.  Written by Dr. Jeffrey Emmerich, this guide will be useful to you whether you are a novice or a seasoned director.  You’ll gain valuable knowledge regarding how to plan and conduct rehearsals, deal with actors, work with technicians, use correct theatrical terms, keep your cool, help actors deal with costumes and props, and basically get the most out of your actors, singers, and volunteers.

      Our fully orchestrated Performance CDs include all songs, scene change music, and sound effects and may be purchased for $35. We automatically include a complimentary backup copy as unauthorized copying is prohibited by law. Additional Performance CDs may be purchased for $7 each. (Individual actors may want to practice with a Performance CD on their own, etc.)

      DEMO CD
      You may purchase a retail version of the original cast recording of any of our musicals for $10.  Groups performing our musicals may purchase additional copies of this CD for $7. (Your cast may want to practice with this CD on their own, or, as a fundraiser you may wish to sell the CD after your performances.) You may purchase unlimited quantities of these CDs. Please remember that unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material is prohibited by law.

      DEMO DVD
      Most of our musicals have a retail version DVD available. We are in the process of having a DVD available of every show, however at this time a DVD is only available if it is listed in our store under the particular show. DVDs may be purchased for $15 each. They can be a very helpful tool in helping you decide which show to produce and/or help you visualize a performance to aid in your own production.

      We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. All transaction are finalized over the phone after we receive your order so you can purchase with confidence. All funds are charged in  US dollars.

      All sales are final. Refunds are not available for products that were requested and delivered in hard-copy or electronically.  This includes EPI scripts, music, .pdfs, MP3 sound tracks and DVDs or any other item purchased on this website.

      If your group wishes to produce the same musical after the original 12 month period has elapsed please contact us to renew your performance license.

      Permission to use our sound tracks with your own vocal recordings will be granted upon payment of the standard statutory rate established by the US government.  The rate is currently 9.1 cents per song, per unit.  A separate MECHANICAL LICENSE must be obtained from Emmerich Publications, Inc., for recording all songs which we own and control.

      All product pricing & license fees are subject to change without notice.

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